Aiming for 2020 vision

My vision board for 2020

Yep, it’s a terrible pun. (Not least because my eyesight is actually appalling.) And yep, it’s a vision board. (I too find them almost unbearably cheesy.) And yes, I’m a bit late to the whole ‘goals for 2020’ thing, given it’s February already.

BUT. In doing this, I found there is something about finding images to represent your goals that does truly help you clarify them – and, hopefully, achieve them! Score one for the manifesters (ugh) and zero for the cynical journalist. I have Sara Tasker’s 15-Minute Magic course to thank, by the way, for inspiring me to create this board. It’s a hugely useful course and a powerful lesson in the value of getting out of my own way.

I don’t think the board needs much explanation, but just to state the obvious, I’d like to do more writing, more reading, more guitar (I only know six chords so far, but am confidently expecting to be Joni Mitchell by year’s end) and more time gardening and in nature.

Also, apparently, I’d like to become a brunette.

It’s funny that none of them are all that difficult to achieve or involve lots of money…

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